Foundry and High Quality Alloy Castings

Furnace Spares

Over the years that we have been in business we have manufactured a vast range of products in High Conductivity Copper, for use in industrial smelters and power transmission applications such as Electrode Holders, Contact Shoes and Pressure Ring Segments, Bus-bars, Charge Necks, Slag Skimming Monkeys and Face Plates.

Many of the Copper castings which we manufacture are cast with internal water jacketing so that they may be cooled whilst in operation. Water Jackets can be formed through the use of Stainless Steel and Mild Steel tubing, or cored cavities depending on client design requirements. All water jacketed castings are subjected to static pressure testing prior to dispatch.

We are considered market leaders in this area and we have, over time upgraded our manufacturing facilities and processes to address all aspects of the industry. We ensure that we understand our client’s needs from conception through to implementation and delivery.