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A Little Bit Of Our History

Mr Eddie Bray


AA Alloy Foundry (Pty) Ltd was originally started in the mid 1960 by the late Mr Alex Smith, a foundry man of rare and long forgotten trade The Company was operated as a one man show and soon built up a reputation for doing the most difficult and intricate aluminium and copper base castings.

The then managing Director, Mr EF Bray, purchased the company in 1972 and kept pace with his predecessor in so far to technology is required in supplying castings of a very high standard for the local industry.

Vast Changes within the company structure have taken place over the last 48 years namely that a pattern shop and an engineering works now supplement the foundry under the umbrella of a holding company.

Our Team

We have a vastly diversified team that offers over 50 years of experience in the mining , quarrying and civil engineering industries and includes engineers, draughtsman, a formidable sales and marketing team and professional administrative support.

AA Alloy Foundry (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned South African company intent on pursuing a policy of transformation, empowerment and equity participation within the context of sound management and profitable business principles.


The pattern shop was enlarged and equipped to make a vast range of patterns in wood and in metal.

A comprehensive machine shop was added, which includes Vertical and horizontal boring mills, a CNC Machine and radial arm drilling machines.

The foundry has been upgraded several times
And includes 4 gas – fired furnaces.

As a result of this AA Alloys is able to offer clients a complete manufacturing capability, from the initial pattern to the finished product, including
pressure testing and flow testing to specification, on water cooled castings Test certificates are provided when called for.

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